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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tacky is Only in the Eyes of the Beholder!!

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I discovered this site back in December (ancient history!) and thought of it today. This guy Charles Phoenix is the king of kitsch. Maybe it was because I grew up in the '50's and I was hard wired for tacky I don't know but I just love faux taste and sometimes I have to share.

So this is where the "work" comes in. Thanks to my stupidity I can't figure out how to imbed the links to the Turducken of pies. You have to go to his site www.charlesphoenix.com then click on test kitchen and away you go to a mind numbing creation. If you have time check out the next entry on the Astro Weenie Christmas Tree.They make me want to put on a poodle skirt and tease my hair!

If you are also a king or queen of kitsch sign up for his weekly snapshot into the past.

While your at it drop me a line on your own kitsch items!

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