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Monday, March 08, 2010

Mini Cheese Burgers with Waffle Bread

Mini-Cheeseburgers With Waffled White Bread (click to view)

I hate cute. Animals, food, slippers, and the cooing sound that goes along with the cute acknowledgment. But~sometimes it is the perfect word to describe what your seeing and in this case it was "Mini Cheeseburgers with Waffled White Bread". I saw, I cooed and wished I was catering again so I could sell the heck out of these little morsels.

My mind spun with twists. Maybe just one big sliced mushroom. A crumble of bleu and finely chopped toasty walnuts. Or perhaps a perfect pringle with a nod to Flaygo's Burger Palace.

I guess the only way I can satisfy my mini mojo is to have a party and serve them. Wait that means picking the day, inviting guests, shopping cooking and then the odious job of cleaning the house. On second thought a slider plate might be perfect for Friday night in the Man Cave...

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