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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Martha, Eric, & Tony- The Coq au Vin Battle

I should have mentioned this yesterday but my cold is clogging my brain. I watched Martha Stewart, I hate to admit it but it was purely for a gander at Chef Eric Ripert he has teamed up with a culinary side kick Anthony Bourdain to push their new radio show on Martha's Sirius channel Thursdays 7-8 ET.

It was interesting to watch Tony the man who speaks in colorful paragraphs be muzzled by the masterful Martha as she coyly flipped her hair from one side to another pitting chef against "chef".

In the cooking segment she asked Tony if he brought his own knives and he shook his head answering no, that he just grabbed one. Then putting her full Martha wattage on Eric she asked him the same.

His answer? " Yes, I always bring my knives." BINGO!! right answer.

Poor Tony did more smiling and tongue biting than I have ever seen. Eric laid on the French charm and deftly taught and cooked the coq au vin to perfection. There was a food porn moment when Martha the All Knowing taught Eric how to use the Kitchen Aid pasta roller he was giddy with delight stroking the machine.

Once the sheets were rolled she flipped them unceremoniously to Tony for a final cut. Watching his technique. Then full wattage back to Eric.

Of course the dish was deemed a stomach growling success with Martha reigning supreme.

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