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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Crispy Winter Salmon

Winter is a grim time to buy fish On The Edge. Usually our fish glistens with freshness that peaks my imagination into creativity. Winter brings frozen at sea to the market. Intellectually I know it is a superior product but the texture isn’t the same. It doesn’t say come hither and cook me.

So I outsmart myself, giving it some heft with a crust. I buy a little piece, between 1/4-1/3# of fish, (the poundage is my unit for all main course proteins). Instead of using a summertime marinade or doing my poach/broil technique, I skin, pluck any wayward bones out, and dust it with salt and pepper seasoned Wondra.

A glisten of olive oil in a medium hot pan and it’s time to sauté. I love the crispy texture that Wondra gives food. It’s not panko crackly. It gives a smooth crust that seals in moisture and doesn’t get gummy the way regular flour can.

In the meantime I boil potatoes for mashed and snap and boil green beans.

A squeeze of lemon on the fish and green beans completes the plate. It’s a meal that is toothsome and doesn’t say ho-hum winter fish.

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