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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Mantra for Food in Your Life

I love www.seriouseats.com it's a site that gives me a daily infusion of food for thought, recipes, books, and random food centric videos (9 year old in Atlanta throwing pizza anyone?).

Today there was a snippet about a new book, Salt to Taste by Marco Canora a NYC restaurant chef with good creds. It's on my radar to buy but in the mean time I think I will follow his 6 rules to eating well.
1.Buy it with thought
2.Cook it with care
3.Serve just enough
4.Save what will keep
5.Eat what would spoil

Don't Waste It!!

It feels like a slow food prayer. A clean distillation of how to approach your relationship with the food you eat.

1.Buy it with thought~ Can be taken several ways. Don't break the bank, buy what makes sense in your household, organic? local? Just think before it lands in your cart.

2.Cook it with care~ Respect what you bought and give it the best recipe and skill you have. Whether it's tournedos Rossini, or grilled filet mignon make it the best you can.

3.Serve just enough~This is easy- no gorging, eat responsibly. If you have followed #1  you will have made a tasty meal. Enjoy the right portion size.

4.Save what will keep~This is something I need to work on. I'll go to the grocery store, buy several meat and fish entrees, then come home and have a hankering for the one item that will stay fresh the longest fore going the more perishable fish or chicken.

5.Eat what would spoil~Linked to #4

6.Home grown is best~I like this thought because it pushes aside the the organic furor. Yes, I do eat organic as much as possible but if the zucchini is locally grown and the organic asparagus is from Mexico...Closer is better, fresher, and keeps the local farmers planting.

Don't waste it. I bet we are all guilty of this, a little nudge reminder is a good don't you think?

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