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Monday, January 25, 2010

A Little Loaf Letter

I received a request from Bub (AKA The Princess's BFF) wanting suggestions for a surprise birthday party. Knowing $,Time and Technical ability are in short supply I thought the basic loaf would fit the bill.This is what I sent- What are your variations?

Meat Loaf with Options-
Preheat oven to the universal 350°

4# Ground Beef (or 3#beef and 1# spicy sausage) 10% fat less fat less ooze a bit more $. If you buy a tube of beef (5#) use it all and jack the quantities a bit.

3C Finely Chopped Onion (or 1 large)

4CL. Garlic, minced

2C Bread Crumbs (I grind fresh edges and all if you use store bought dry the soak in a bit of beef broth or milk to moisten)

3LG Eggs Slightly Beaten

2-3t Kosher Salt

Generous Grinds of Fresh Black Pepper

Optional flavorings-

2t Worcestershire Sauce (or Soy Sauce)

Generous Sprinkle of Onion Powder & Garlic Powder over the top of mixture

1/3-1/2C Chopped Parsley (or make it Mexican w/ Cilantro) Serve w/ Salsa instead of Ketchup

1C Sautéed Sliced Mushrooms

2/3C Ketchup (Mixed in or a stripe down the top) definitely served with

Put the ingredients in a big bowl and mix it up.

Since this is a large quantity (more than 1 loaf pan) I suggest a couple of baking ideas. If you have a large rectangular pan spread it “brownie” style the cut same.
If you have a rimmed cookie sheet (line w/ foil first for easy cleaning!) you can make football shaped individual loafs.
It’s only meatloaf in name- I would make them dense so they don’t look like burgers.
I would figure about 45min-1hr. depending on density.

Baked potatoes take about 1 hr. (hence the convenience!) If you want to do head-you can make twice baked potatoes and just reheat.
I would go the salad route-again can be made ahead w/ moist paper towel over it and seran wrap or enlist a helper.
Wish I was there to play w/ you!
I got a cookbook this Christmas that highlighted the prime ingredients like this and liked it-what do you think?


jan said...

Meatloaf for your daughter's bday party? Judith! To fancy it up... spread the meatloaf mixture out on plastic or wax paper cover it with sliced ham, beef, proscuitto... or whatever. Cover that with sliced cheese of choice, then roll into a jelly roll and bake. Makes a better presentation and is fun. You could also cover the whole thing in bacon... if you want the bacon/cheeseburger effect.

Queen Art-o-Eat said...

The recipient is a no fromage guy-I'm feeling a Hooker factor in this recipe...It's still January. Isn't the Dick-Master on lean cuisine?
It's The Princess's BFF from GRR.still BFF for ever!