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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What did You have for Christmas Dinner?

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I thought I would share with you my menu for Christmas dinner. At the request of The Princess we had ham. I made a glaze of mustard, brown sugar, maple syrup,cognac,lemon and black pepper.It was napped it with a hazelnut mustard cream sauce garnished w/ snipped chives.

The Princess honed her mandoline slicing skills and made scalloped potatoes w/ fresh herbs, shallots, and beef bouillon. Clean flavors and nice contrast to the ham.

Green beans w/ shallots and mushrooms had sauteed garlic and roasted garlic.

Saurkraut for that vinegar jolt, a really pretty red and green jelly (did not make) NSSP even had seconds in the jelly dept. I was shocked. Sweet potato biscuits and~~~

My newly created and recipe nailed, Pumpkin Pie in a toasted walnut crust w/ lemon curd and whipped cream. Not to shabby!

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shoeman said...

Merry Xmas to All!!