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Wednesday, December 02, 2009


20 Worst Restaurant Foods in America Revealed :: Hotel News Resource

I receive a daily food service email. Usually I just glance at the headlines and delete away. Today was different. There was an article about the 20 worst restaurant foods in America. As I read and clicked through the dishes I became embarrassed to think of myself as a food professional. I became incensed that an industry would knowingly create and serve dishes that came in at over 2,000 calories.

Where is their responsibility to the customers? The food industry started to look a lot like the smoking industry in its blind eye approach to food. I then pondered the agriculture industry and realized they too are oft times turning a blind eye to producing good products.

The great unwashed public has been subliminally enticed into an addiction for unhealthy food. Its sad how a simple act that sustains us can become so twisted and a harrowing experience.

The food industry doesn’t want to be policed by the government. If so then they should step up to the plate and scales and do their own policing and monitoring.

The tide is slowly turning with smaller farms and restaurants addressing the caloric issue but for the dearth and girth of America these are mists against a rain storm.

Read! Eat Responsibly! and always Enjoy!
(Click on the topic at the top to see the 20 worst)

The Queen has spoken~


Margaret said...

People should know if it slides down without chewing,there are going to be serious consequences later on.

Queen Art-o-Eat said...

I think I gained weight just reading the article. Those are the worst but there are a lot that are bad. Slippery slope indeed!