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Friday, May 02, 2008

A Jiggle on the Table

My NSSP (Not So Silent Partner) and I have a food couple that we get together with from time to time and indulge and imbibe with, it's swell. My girlfriend is generous with her presents and when we go out to lunch she delves into her copious purse and often presents me with a "treasure". Before Easter it was a crouching rabbit Jell-O mold. Interesting. It sat on my kitchen counter vying for space with mail, magazines, and newspapers until...

We were invited for Easter dinner at said friends home. Then the BOB (burst of brilliance) happened! I would make a Jell-O Easter bunny for the table!! Now when a B.O.B. occurs it is like fireworks going off- perhaps it is an LSD flashback that we were all threatened to have (into eternity) when we did pharmaceuticals in the '70's. It felt more like evil glee...

Well, what color should ol' Thumper be? Since he would be sitting on a bed of greens I went with your basic red. I did have fleeting fantasy's of layering colors, adding chunks of fruit etc. but truth be told I am not a Jell-O Queen and my expertise is limited. As a child, Jell-o never passed The Princess’s lips in our house.

I really wanted to unmold it before we left but my more rational side prevailed. When we got to our friends house, I shooed everyone out of the kitchen and commenced to the unmolding. As usual it was easier said than done. Ol' Thumper didn't shimmer out in one plop and when I shook the mold he broke in two!! So being the ever resourceful chef I shored him up for a viewing. He glowed and shimmered with delight as the candles bounced through his red transparent body.

Now I feel I'm ready for a real competition- The Bumpas and Parr Jelly Competition (no joke!this was a side article on www.seriouseats.com). So if you are in England around May 23rd you can see the competition or if you are there July 4 you can partake of a jelly dinner. If not take a gander at www.jellymongers.co.uk. Oh, those Brits!

This summer I think I will banish fresh flowers and delve into colorful jiggles for my centerpieces. I have found a new food group to master! Watch out Martha Stewart!

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