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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Official 2008 Horseradish Goggles

Hard times take a hard man to conquer and that was the predicament that my NSSP found himself in preparing for Passover. There are two jobs in the Passover dinner that only a man can do. The first is to make the sweet charoses a mixture of nuts, apples, cinnamon, and wine. Gently chopped and blended as if making a soufflé.

The second is to make the moror a job right up there with slicing onions for french onion soup. I had purchased the horseradish root the day before. A long withered shaft that looked worthy of moror-tification. My NSSP started peeling the outer skin away and chopping it into Cuisinart chunks to fit down the feed tube in its first step to be moror-tified. All of a sudden NSSP jumped back with incredulous surprise! The horseradish fumes were attacking his eyes and nose with a vengeance leaving him impotent and unable to finish his second task. It became apparent that the horseradish was mightier than the man.

I looked up from my various cooking projects and realized a woman had to take the moror by the horns and put NSSP quickly back in control of his projects, otherwise he would be left carousing with charoses next year and I would have a moror-ly addition to my endless list.

A B.O.B. (Burst of Brilliance) entered my mind. Could he possibly wear test a pair of virginal Speedo goggles thus protecting his peepers? As NSSP leapt around the kitchen trying to wave off the fumes (and spreading them throughout), I grabbed the goggles and fastened them onto his tear soaked face.

A smile crept over his face as he whipped his spatula around the Cuisinart bowl finishing his moror. It turned out to be a heady batch worthy of making anyone’s nose turn red.

Now I know you can buy onion goggles but these stylish peeper protectors are built for multiple uses. Who can resist a world turned blue?

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Shannie said...

New Marketing Campaign???? Not just for swimming anymore.