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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Preserve it!

There is one element to the “sustainable” bandwagon that people are forgetting.


Throughout history eating was to survive. When food was plenty people gorged when scarce-you get it. In the mean time societies learned ways to preserve food for those lean winter months. It was part of the rhythm of life. We have gotten sloppy about preservation. We now let the grocery stores do it for us as we demand a wide variety of food all the time.

I think there is a balance between buying fresh and buying stupid. If you buy green beans, asparagus, you name it, at its peak in season and preserve it- even in a freezer; there is no reason to buy imported products out of your own growing season. Now if you have used up your last broccoli and must dip into the traveling food chain do think about where it comes from- closer is better and make a note to up your garden quota or farmer’s market purchase. Unless you are delirious for grapes in February, nix those orbs from Mexico and hold out for summer.

Preserve realistically. I’m not proposing to turn your kitchen into a Del Monte processing plant. If you don’t eat jam then don’t preserve it! Tomatoes? You betcha-Pickles- o.k. get out that Food savor and shrink those bags of peas for risi bisi. How virtuous!

It’s all about our rhythm of food and life. That’s why we have four seasons, to embrace the changing food and appreciate our bounty.

Stop stuffing your freezer with has beens and dribs and drabs. Instead, fill it with product to play with!

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