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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh, Paula! We're Sorry You're not the only Killer!

A few weeks ago in www.seriouseats.com there was a snippet about Paula Deen trying to kill y'all with fat and love. Her demure "Lady's Lunch Burger" was a delicate combination of sliced glazed donuts (maybe this recipe will help the floundering Krispy Kreme empire), fried egg, hamburger, bacon, and parsley for color.

Today I found out that this donut/burger combo is sold at Mulligan's Tavern in Decatur, GA. Their Krispy Kreme delight is simpler to make just a humble bacon cheeseburger between those grilled donut cheeks. You can see a picture of this as well as the top 10 best foods to eat when drunk at college at www.seriouseats.com

Watch out Bubba Here I come!

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