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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Deconstructed BLT or The No-Carb Version

Deconstructing food is all the rage-taking elements of tried and true dishes and giving them a twist without loosing the tasty comfort factor. Last week I made a BLT salad with chunks of lettuce, chunks of tomato, bits of perfect bacon, and a dressing of only diluted mayonnaise with milk. It worked but was hardly a gourmatized dish. The elements were rattling around in my brain. How could I make this a dish that would be worthy of a restaurant?

Then it occurred to me to cut hefty slabs of ripe tomato, chiffonade iceberg lettuce for the BLT crunch, and mix with perfectly rendered bacon pieces that had been slowly cooked to remove as much fat as possible. I tossed the lettuce and bacon with the diluted mayonnaise dressing a few grinds of fresh black pepper and Voila! A totally outrageous first course. Crunch, Salt, and Sweet sans the toast. Bon Appetit!
Queen Art-o-Eat
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Cyndi said...

Oh my - this deconstructed BLT sounds so good. It's sort of like a salad - thanks for the great idea!