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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Links and Chains 6.20.06

Until I become more fluent in this medium and figure out how to garnish my site with side bars and real links I would like to suggest you check out these links- you will have to type them into your opening page.
www.ingoodtastestore.com - enter the store,scroll down to the cookbooks and find my reviews.
www.gildedfork.com - click on articles, scroll down to cookbooks and archives-voila! More of my reviews!
www.dianemorgancooks.com - a prolific Portland cookbook author who has created loads of excellent tasty recipes check out
one of her books!
www.nwpalate.com - if your planning a visit to the edge, this bi-monthly magazine and website always has great articles on
food, wine, and things to do in the Pacific NW.
www.brunidigest.blogspot.com - if you are a reader of the Wednesday New York Times you will find restaurant reviews by Frank Bruni- this woman does an excellent "roast" of his reviews.
www.ecookbooks.com - Jessica's Biscuit cookbook website- sign up for their weekly e-mail and drool.
Do you have sites you like? Send them along as a comment! They don't just have to be about food just something you are passionate about!
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